Simple price packages

VAT included in all of the packages.

od ukupnih primitaka

  • Propery listing on 15+ online channels

  • Property listing optimisation

  • Pricing optimisation

  • Credit Card payment (POS)

  • 100% booking payment guarantee

  • 100% guest damage payment guarantee

  • 100% workforce availability

  • Communication and guest support

  • E-visitor guest registration

  • Professional cleaning management

  • In-person chek-in service

  • Laundry washing management

  • Repair service within 24 hours

  • VAT calculation and payment

  • Performance monitoring and owners dashboard

  • 24 hours owners custommer support (chat)

  • Smart key box installation

  • Guest review guarantee above 9.0

  • Financial books management

  • Guest book management

  • Pricing

U Sun spalato agencijsku proviziju nisu uključeni sljedeći troškovi.

Online travel agents

15 % + VAT from Sales, Airbnb, Expedia i other online travel agents have commision for their services. Theri invoices come with transfer of tax liability and owner of the real estate is obliged to pay 25 VAT in Croatia.

Card payment

1.9 % of sales

In order to ensure payment agency ensures to get paid from the guest upfront trough credit cards. Bank commissions for card payments is 1.9 % of the sales.


2500 kuna a month

Regardless of the number of clean-ups within a month, your cleaning cost will always be the same. The 2 bedroom apartment is cleaned 10 times a month on average, so one cleaning is 250 kuna. This price includes cleaning detergents, toilet paper, disposable cosmetics, coffee and pills for washing dishes and laundry.

Check in/out

1350 kuna a month

Regardless of monthly guest turnover, your cost of the check in/out will be the same. The average number of guest turnovers is 10 times a month. 24/7 guest support, phone, travel expenses and waiting for the guest are already included in the price.


On average 100 kuna for turnover

Payment of the laundry service is after every turnover. Average price of laundry cleaning and ironing for six guests is 100 kn for one turnover.


200 kuna a month

Handyman is available 24/7 for your property fixes. On average there are 2-3 repairs in one month.

Ukupna neto dobit vlasnika nekretnine iznosi 60% od prihoda dok na sve troškove odlazi 40%.

How much is your time worth?

Managing a rental property and guests can take up to 80 hours each month. That's 560 hours during the tourist season alone. Spend your valuable time for better purposes, leaving the care of your property to the professionals.

You can find all the answers related to our services in the HELP section, our customer support is here for all your questions!


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