New owners:  +385 21 770 013
New owners:  +385 21 770 013

Application for control of sales and costs

Owners portal lets you control all your income and expenses. With this application, you will get an insight into all bookings, rates, calendar and statistical revenue, as well as the entire online travel agents commissions, cleaning, check in/out, laundry and utilities and maintenance. Free on desktop, phone and tablet.

Radical Transparency

Many agencies will not even offer you a monthly report. The Sun Spalato business model is based on a transparent and partnership relationship between the agency and the property owner. This is why more than 50 real estate owners have already placed their trust in us.


  • Reservations

    Find out through the app all booking information, when, at what price, at what exchange rate and from which online travel agent the guest came.
  • Calendar

    Calendar view of all reservations. It is easy and convenient!
  • Invoices

    Check all invoices issued to the guest by the agency. All accounts fiscalized and transparent. Trust is good, but control is better.


  • Online tourist agencies

    Check invoices of online travel agencies and find out what their commissions are.
  • Property Management

    Follow the commission of Sun Spalato Agency for the management of your real estate.
  • Card Payment

    You can check out the cost of the card payment for every reservation.
  • Cleaning, Welcoming and Washing

    View all cleaning, check in/out invoices and their delivery notes.
  • Damages

    Get notified instantly about all damages and sanations inside your property.
  • Utilities & Government Fees

    Check all the tourist tax fees, residential fees, flat rates and surtaxes. Check also all property utility costs.


  • Simple view

    Find out the profit of your property after all income and expenses. Take the financial control of your property.
  • Graphs

    Find out through interactive graphs what the ratio of profit and expenses is and the return on your investment.
  • Monthly view

    Review income, expenses and profits by month and find out which ones are the most profitable for you.
  • Currencies

    With one click, convert your report to the currency of your choice. Euros, Dollars, Pounds and Franks. All completely customized for you.