Transparency and innovation are our main tools!

With our team, your property is on autopilot!

Culture and values

We admire people who are devoted to their work and believe that commitment leads to excellence and long-term friendship. We strongly believe it is our innovation, control of everything and transparency that will help in making Croatia a better place.


Improving the quality of the touristic offer through innovation, technology and our employees’ satisfaction is our mission.


Create locations with best reviews and happiest users.

Sun Spalato’s promises

  • Full commitment to each and every guest, property owner and partner.
  • Originality, innovation and continuous improvement of our services.
  • The highest level of transparency in business processes.
  • Commitment to quality without compromise.
  • Being eco-friendly in the entire supply chain.


Boris Miodrag
Adnan Mandžo
Mirza Beganović
Ljiljana Miodrag
Katija Vrdoljak
Mia Mihanović


The story of the Sun Spalato brand came from the vision (and need) of the renter and an apartment owner, Boris Miodrag, for an honest and transparent partner - an agency he could hand over his property to during the season. Due to the lack of quality workforce and the ability to optimize the management of operational processes, Boris focused on technological solutions that enabled him renting his properties to happy guests, who felt like they were at home. As a result, with the dedicated work of digital professionals and his trained staff, a package of quality services that provides above average experience for owners and their guests emerged. Your Sun Spalato team.

Real estates in Split only

Other cities coming soon