Your property in safe hands.

Work less, earn more and offer a unique experience to your guests


Better occupancy

We market your property on more than 60 sales channels, optimize your rental rate and maximize occupancy.

Stress free season

Relax! Our team values quality most, so both your guests and your property are in safe hands.


Get an insight into all of your property’s business operations: total income, all expenses, calendar of availability, reservations, statistics and a lot more – all on one platform.

We take care of everything

Marketing the property on all sales channels available

Professional cleaning and laundry

Constant communication with guests

Key handovers

Property maintenance and repairing

Owner’s portal, statistics and reports

Let us earn you more!

Our analysts use price algorithms to optimize prices

30 000

25 000

20 000

15 000






How to become our client?

Do you own a property located close to the seaside or in the center of SPLIT? Can your property host at least 6 people?

If your answer to the above questions was “yes”, then please fill in our short questionnaire and quickly arrange a meeting with our sales representative!

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